Saturday, 3 May 2014
Book Launch at HSBC Club, Beckenham
120 guests joined us for the release of ‘A Railway Runs Through: Goans of British East Africa, 1865 – 1980′ by Selma Carvalho, and bid a fond farewell to the three-year project.
Sunday July 28, 2013
The Exhibition at Cranford Community College Hall
Crowds thronged the one day showing of the exhibition on July 28, 2013 during the Goan festival.
Thursday June 13, 2013
Goans in World War I & II:
talk by Cliff Pereira.
Monday June 10, 2013
Recollections of East Africa and Sixties London:
Tour led by Eddie Fernandes.
Friday June 7, 2013
Love, Life and East Africa.
Goan Seniors lead on a tour of the exhibition by Selma Carvalho.
June 5 – June 6, 2013
Wednesday June 5, 2013

Young London Goans Society (YLGS) are lead on a tour of the Exhibition by Cliff Pereira.

Thursday June 6, 2013
Goan Pioneers in East Africa, talk by Cliff Pereira.
Tuesday June 4, 2013:
Preview Night
Past Lives: The Exhibition at the Nehru Centre
An enchanted evening of opera singing, dinner and a look-back at 200 years of Goan-British history and heritage. Over 100 people attended the preview night.
Sunday July 22, 2012
British-Goans Project presents Past Lives: The Documentary
The Histories of British-Goans project screened their first public viewing of Past Live, The Documentary, edited by Selma Carvalho and Agnes Costa-Correa, to a packed hall of 110 people. Eddie Fernandes launched the documentary with a brief introduction to the overall objectives of our project and our achievements upto the mid-way point. Amidst much nodding in agreement with the subject matter of the documentary and moments of quiet reflection, the documentary was wonderfully received. It was followed by an almost hour-long Q&A session led by Clifford Pereira.
Sunday May 6, 2012
Selma Carvalho attended the Saligao Feast Mass and celebration, to record this important cultural event for the Histories of British-Goans Project. A large number of Goans from the village of Saligao emigrated to East Africa and subsequently to the UK. This celebration marks an important event in the cultural calendar of the community.
Saturday April 21, 2012
Tracing your Goan Ancestry workshop
Tracing your Goan Ancestry workshop at Bexley local studies and archive centre.
16 participants attended a workshop on the various sources and techniques available for tracing Goan roots here in the UK and elsewhere. Lead by Cliff Pereira the workshop was a tremendous success with one or two participants managing to make real discoveries about their ancestor. Anita Rebello, one of the participants had this to say: “I particularly was interested in a missing seaman from the Second World War and was stunned in the latter part of the day, to discover his whereabouts. Cliff was amazing in his delivery, his knowledge, his helpfulness.”
Saturday March 31, 2012
Selma Carvalho spent some time with Goan hockey team, recording the practice game at Ashburton, Croydon and interviewing some of theplayers. Hockey had been integral to sporting life in East Africa. The footage was used in the documentary Past Lives
Saturday Apr 13, 2012
Hidden Goan History workshop lead by Cliff Pereira.
Hidden Goan History workshop lead by Cliff Pereira in partnership with the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) was held with great success. The twenty-one participants left with a sense of renewed pride in their Goan heritage, a deeper understanding of how they were inherently a part of British history itself and a desire to learn more about their Goan heritage.
For video clips of the day , Click here
Saturday, March 10, 2011
Recording Mark Fernandes on the violin playing Malaika.
Mark is a second generation British Goan and a member of our volunteer team. To hear him play, Click here
Saturday Nov 26, 2011
2nd Training Day at Indian YMCA
15 of our volunteers gathered at the Indian YMCA for their second training day. These dedicated members spanning a cross-section of ages and interests spent the day preparing to interview oral histories, handle video and audio equipment and becoming more familiar with the Goan historical involvement in East African affairs.
Saturday Oct 29, 2011
Training Day at Indian YMCA conducted by the Oral History Society trainer, Roger Kitchen
Twenty participants gathered at the Indian YMCA, Fitzroy Square London, for Training Day conducted by the Histories of British-Goans project. Participants learnt about conserving heritage through the collection of Oral Histories and were introduced to Interviewing and Video techniques by Roger Kitchen, accredited trainer from the Oral History Society, UK.
Friday, Oct 28, 2011
Croyden Senior’s Meet at St Mary’s Catholic Church
Eddie Fernandes, Lira Fernandes and Selma Carvalho spent the day with a gathering of mostly East African Goans in Croydon. It was a most enjoyable day of Afrikander hospitality with food, music and tambola. We spent the time talking to people about the Histories of British-Goans project and registering people who would like to be interviewed.If you want to share your story of East Africa and coming to the UK contact
Sunday, July 24,2011
Histories of British-Goans stall at Goan Festival at Cranford Community college
This year the Histories of British-Goans Project team had a stall at the Goan Festival,where they spent time informing people about the project and registering the names of those interested in being interviewed.
Friday, July 22, 2011
Announcement at the Global Goans Convention,London, held at the Indian Gymkhana Club, UK.
The Heritage Lottery Fund grant awarded to the Goan Association (U.K) was announced at the Global Goans Convention, London by the President of the Goan Association (U.K), Mr Flavio Gracias, to an audience of 200 people. The award has since received wide publicity from Kenya to India.